Fivedocs Acceptable Use Policy

Effective date: 1st May 2022

• Here at Fivedocs, we are committed to making the services caring, safe, and available for every individual. • This is why Fivedocs makes this contract, which elaborates the regulations for the utilization of Fivedocs. • Fivedocs thanks their readers for reading and aiding Fivedocs in providing an improved health care experience. • The Fivedocs Acceptable Use Policy is combined by the reference into Fivedocs, Inc.’s (“Fivedocs, “us," or "we") TERMS OF USE and rules the user’s utilization of the services and platform as such terms are defined. • Any utilization of capitalized terminology not defined in the Fivedocs Acceptable Use Policy shall have the meaning in Fivedocs Terms of Use. • BY UTILIZING OR OTHERWISE ACCESSING THE SERVICES, OR/AND BY REGISTERING WITH FIVEDOCS, THE USER AGREE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE USER HAVE READ FIVEDOCS ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY AND THE TERMS OF USE IN WHICH IT IS UNDERSTOOD, INCORPORATED, AND THEIR TERMS AND APPROVE TO BE LEGALLY BOUND BY FIVEDOCS TERMS. • IF THE USER DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGES FIVEDOCS ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY OR FIVEDOCS TERMS OF USE, THE USER IS UNABLE TO HAVE ACCESS TO THE SERVICES

1. Restricted uses

• The user acknowledges not to utilize the services in any infringing, unlawful, tortious, or damaging manner; in any direction that disrupts another group's intellectual privacy or property or other rights, or in any way that interferes with the operation, utilization, or enjoyment of any system, property or other services. • The users, without limiting any of the above, acknowledge that the user shall not enable or provide access to any third party to: o Utilize the platform or services in the destruction of Fivedocs COMMUNITY STANDARDS; o Modify, translate, copy, adapt or reverse engineer any information as stated in terms of Use or portion of the platform, its material or content, or/and the services; o Eradicate any trademark, copyrights, or other proprietary rights notification, including in or on the services or/and platform in or on any material. o The utilization of any spider, robot, retrieval/ search application, or other means of access or process, automated device, retrieve or index any part of the services or/and platform; o Retrieve or access of any material or part of the platform or/and the services for the reason of populating or constructing a searchable database of feedback or additional material related to the healthcare advisor or healthcare industry as stated in terms of Use; o It frames and reformats any material or part of the web pages that are a portion of the services or/and platform. o Intentionally or fraudulent is utilize the services as well as without limitation setting up registration with the health care advisor which the user does not plan to schedule or keep an appointment for designated provider services which the user does not intend to pay utilizing the transaction processing services; o Making a user account, providing posted material, and registering appointments under false or automated means or fraudulent pretenses, as well as impersonating any individual or entity or submitting any misleading information; o Utilizing the contact knowledge submitted by other health care advisors or users for the reason of sending, or to help in sending of, unwanted bulk transport network, i.e., SPAM o Violating any regulation or law and any past laws without limitation. o Jeopardize the security of the user’s accounts authorizations, for example, permitting any individual to log into the services as the user. o In any manner trying to have access to any other user's account, password, or other security content from any other user; o Violate the security encryption codes or the security of any computer network and attempt to crack any passwords. o Reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise try to have access to the underlining ideas or information of or source code relating to the services. o Store or collect private information about other users concerning the forbidden actions stated in the paragraphs; or o Utilize any medium, like software means, to conduct web scraping of any part of the platform, its material, or the Services. Destruction of any stated terms of the user's right to access or utilize the services.

2. User content.

• According to Fivedocs Terms of Use, the user may issue content to the platform on the user’s behalf or on someone else behalf for whom the user has the legal capacity to act, which may, without limitation, take the form of reviews for the health care advisor general examinations, or to take part in the other community and interactive features of the platform. • When the user submits their reviews, the users must provide honest, explicit content regarding the healthcare advisor and the user's experience with the healthcare advisor. • The users are requested not to use unsuitable language or comments, generate gratuitous personal criticisms, or add content that others could utilize to determine the user’s detail or identity. • When taking part in community or interactive feature of the services, it is advised not to publish any private content that a health care advisor or another user might utilize to independently recognize the user or any other individual from whom the user have the legal capacity to take action. • The users are also advised to add all the relevant content straightforwardly to aid Fivedocs in providing the user with a supportive response. • Fivedocs reserve no right to issue the user's content as part of the services and eradicate the user's given information. • Fivedocs is not accountable for any delay or failure in removing or posting posted content. • It should be noted that the posted content of others is one view and should not depend on others. Without preventing the generality of the preceding: o The user is solely in charge of any issued content displayed, submitted, or published by the user through the transmission or service to other platform users. o The user might not reproduce, distribute or post in any content any way or material that violates, misappropriate, or infringes the intellectual privacy, property, publicity, or other rights of any party. o The user might not submit any issued content that wrongly implies or expresses that such material or content is endorsed or sponsored by Fivedocs. o The user may not submit any issued content promoting and encouraging unlawful or illegal actions. o The user agrees and understands that Fivedocs may (but is not obligated to) delete and review any issued content that, in the sole finding of Fivedocs, disrupts Fivedocs Terms of Use or Fivedocs Acceptable use Policy or which might be illegal, offensive, or that may disturb the right of, threaten or harm the safety of other Fivedocs users of the services. o The user acknowledges that the user will only submit published content that the user believes is accurate. o The user might not provide published content that: o Is misleading, false, or deceptive; o Advocates harassment or harassment of any other entity or individual; o Violates the privacy rights of any individual or entity; o Submits personally identified content about the user or anyone from whom the user has the lawful capacity to act; o Including the transmission of unsolicited mass “spamming” or mailing; o Misappropriate, infringes or violates the intellectual property or other rights of any individual or entity; o Competition, consumer protection law or violates antitrust; o Is illegal, abusive, threatening, violent, discriminatory, hateful, defamatory, obscene, libelous or; o Sexual or pornography explicit in nature The information mentioned above is a partial list of the kind of communication and content prohibited or illegal by the platform. Fivedocs reserve the right to study and take right lawful actions according to Fivedocs Terms of Use.

3. Copyright dispute policy.

• If you are a copyright agent or an owner from there and have faith that any information infringes content or another user submission upon the user's copyright, the user may provide notification according to the: DMCA” (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) by submitting the company’s copyright agent with the content stated below; i. An electronic or physical signature of an individual authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed; ii. The documentation of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed or if several copyrighted materials at a single online website are enclosed by a single notice, a representative list of such workers at that website. iii. The documentation of the content that is claimed to be accessed or removed to which is to be inactivated and content reasonably sufficient to permit the service provider to find the content; iv. The content is reason enough to allow the service provider to get in touch with the user, such as a telephone number, address, and, if available an electronic mail; v. A report that the user has a positive faith and belief that the utilization of the content in the way complained of is not legal by the copyright owner, law, or its AgentAgent; and vi. The documentation that the content in the notice is correct and, under penalty of perjury, that the user is approved to act in the place of the owner of a limited right that is supposedly infringed.

Fivedocs designated copyright agent to obtain statements claimed infringement is:
Infringement details:

• Only the DMCA notifications should visit the copyright, AgentAgent. Notifications and counter-notification must encounter the then-current legal requirements imposed by the DMCA. • Fivedocs advise that the user take consultation from their legal advisor before filing a notice. • The user should be aware that there are penalties for wrong claims under the DMCA. • Any other reviews, feedback, requests, comments for technical support, and other communications should be directed to Fivedocs customer service at the website Fivedocs. • The user admits that if the user fails to comply with all of the requirements of this section, the user's DMCA notification might not be valid.

4. Changes and updates to the Acceptable use Policy.

• The effective date of Fivedocs, Acceptable Use Policy is set forth at this web page's top. • Fivedocs will inform the user of any content amendments by publishing the notification on this webpage. • The user's ongoing utilization of the services after the effective date established of the changed Acceptable use Policy. • Fivedocs encourage the user to occasionally review this webpage for the updated content on Fivedocs Acceptable use Policy supersedes all the past versions. • IF THE USER DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE TO THE COMING AMENDMENTS MADE TO THIS FIVEDOCS ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY, THE USER MUST STOP UTILIZING THE SERVICES AFTER THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF SUCH AMENDMENTS.